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Unimprinted Mat | Lucent Clear-over-Smoke Frame

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Product Description


Lucent Clear-over-Smoke

Name Imprint

Unimprinted Mat


Lucent Smoke Moulding

Primary Mat

Lucent Smoke ($0.00)

Accent Mat

UV Protection

( $0.00 )

Gray background is for visual only. It is not part of the Lucent frame.

Product Description

  • This elegantly designed frame with a crystal clear smoke-colored acrylic is perfect for any home or office decor.
  • With stainless steel standoffs that elevate the diploma an inch off the wall, our Unimprinted Mat | Lucent Clear-over-Smoke Frame makes it engravings, and the enclosed document stand out.
  • Ideal for any graduate seeking style and class, this frame is the perfect blend of finesse and modern art.
  • This frame includes premium clear standard glass. It blocks up to 45% of UV light, allows over 90% of light transmission and less than 8% light reflection. However, you can upgrade your frame with the following glass options to protect your document from harmful UV lights.
    • UV Protection
    • Museum Glass
  • You also get a wall mounting kit that comes with your frame package. Watch this video to learn how to mount your Unimprinted Mat Lucent Clear-over-Smoke Frame.

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