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Showcase Your School Pride with Our Graduation Frames

At University Frames, we have been delivering the finest graduation frames to customers since 1991. We believe showcasing your hard-earned achievement is important, so we use the finest hardwood for all our licensed graduation frames.

Licensed with over 1,000 colleges and universities, our frames come with the authentic, original seals, and we have non-imprinted frames on discount as well. Each of our custom graduation frames is beautifully handcrafted by a dedicated team of skilled workmen to meet your specifications. We carefully inspect every frame to meet high-quality standards. This is why our graduation frames are a "must-have."

Graduation Frame with Tassel Holder

Our graduation frame with tassel holder is perfect for showing off your diploma and graduation tassel side-by-side! It features a deep shadow box opening for your graduation tassel. Whether it's your school's tassel or your academic tassel, this option will beautifully display your hard-earned achievement.

With plenty of options, you can also customize your frame to fit your diploma and tassel size to create your perfect keepsake. Our tassel graduation frames are crafted with the finest hardwood that is high quality and responsibly sourced. We have different styles of mouldings and matting as well.

Click here to order a graduation frame with tassel, or you can customize your frame here.

Graduation Frame with Tassel Holder

Graduation Picture Frames

You can also display your favorite graduation photos with our graduation picture frames. We have graduation photo frames available in four varied options, and you can select a 5x7 portrait frame, 5x7 portrait frame with tassel box, diploma with 5 X 7 portrait frame, or diploma with 5 x 7 portrait and tassel box.

As mentioned, these graduation picture frames of licensed universities come with the school name and original seal. You can customize these frames by choosing your favorite moulding and matting options, and can also preview your graduation photo frames on our website before ordering it.

"Class of" Photo Frames

We even have "Class of" Photo Frames for class years 2019 and 2020 to showcase your favorite college and graduation memories. These frames make a perfect gift for the recent grads in the family. Just select their class year and choose your preferred black or navy mat options with gold and silver accents.

Class of Photo Frames

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