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Double Diploma Frames

We have taken great care to ensure that the conservation quality materials that we use will help to preserve your document for a lifetime. When you receive your frame, you will see instructions on how to easily insert your diploma in your frame. The adhesive tape that we include in each frame to mount your diploma is Filmoplast P 90.

Double Degree with Tassel Box (Stacked)

Double Degree (Side-by-Side)

Double Degree (Stacked)

Earning a degree is an accomplishment worth showing off. The same is true when someone earns more than one degree. To honor those achievements, our double diploma frames are designed with utmost attention to detail for a professional presentation. These frames can be custom-made to fit specific diploma sizes. Keep in mind, these frame designs are best suited for documents of similar size. Our double graduation frames are crafted with the finest hardwood and come in single or double matting. We are officially licensed with over 1,000 schools, which means your frame can be decorated with the official seal from your college or university. If we aren’t licensed with your school, you can get a non-imprinted frame at a discount.

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