College Diploma Frame Sale

How to Frame Your Diploma by University Frames

How to Hang Your Frame by University Frames

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  • To protect your frame’s finish, place it upside down on the bubble wrap.
  • Bend the flexible black tabs to lift the dust cover (a small screwdriver makes a fine substitute for fingernails).
  • Bend more tabs to remove the white, acid-free mounting board. Do not remove the cut-out matboard.
  • Align your document over the mat board opening, making sure that its sides are parallel to the edges of the opening.
  • Attach your document to the mat board with the “filmoplast P90.” 

  • Lift edge of release paper - rip off the plastic tab from the adhesive strip.
    Pull release paper to expose about ½ of the adhesive strip. Tear the adhesive at this point and apply it to the upper left side of the document and mat board. Remove the remaining release paper and apply the adhesive to the upper right side of the document and mat board. Rub the adhesive on firmly.
  • Replace the mounting board and dustcover. 


When cleaning glass in any frame, spray the paper towel, not the glass. Otherwise, the glass cleaner may run to the bottom, make its way behind the glass and soak into the mat.


If you have purchased a frame which accommodates your graduation tassel, simply insert its hanging cord through the hole and tape it securely to the back of the mounting board.