Where Can I Buy the Best Harvard Diploma Frames?
Where Can I Buy the Best Harvard Diploma Frames?

9/8/2021 By University Frames

Where Can I Buy the Best Harvard Diploma Frames?

Established in 1636, Harvard is the oldest university in the U.S. Due to its reputation, influence, infrastructure, and academic pedigree, it is recognized as a leading university all over the world. Undoubtedly, pursuing your higher education from Harvard and earning a degree is a truly notable achievement worth showing off to others with pride.

However, protecting your degree from damages is even more important. This is where our Harvard diploma frames can help.

Preserve Your Harvard University Degrees with Our High-quality Diploma Frames

At University Frames, we have been crafting the most beautiful and affordable diploma frames with excellent craftsmanship and elegant designs for over 25 years. Each of our frames is precisely handcrafted and customized to match your specifications. You can also create your own diploma frame with our online frame builder tool. All our frames have the official Harvard University seal and logo. Our framing experts carefully inspect each frame before shipment to meet high-quality standards and ensure accuracy.

Choose from Distinct Frame Styles

We offer various frame styles to meet your specific needs and preferences, including:

Single Diploma Frames

Featuring sleek, sophisticated designs, these frames provide a contemporary, timeless look with a subtle satin/furniture-quality finish. Besides enjoying the basic protection with clear standard glass, you can further upgrade the frame with museum or UV protection glass for added protection.



Diploma with Tassel Box Frames

These are the most stylish Harvard diploma frames designed with satin black/ satin mahogany moulding and gold/silver accents that provide a royal touch. These frames include an acid-free and a lignin-free mat board and mount board to keep the document intact.

Lucent Diploma Frames

These unique diploma frames have museum-quality mat boards and mount boards. They are lignin-free and acid-free, and pH neutral, protecting your document for years. These are suitable for the Harvard PhD/diploma document of 8 1/2"H X 11"W size.

Double-Opening/Double Degree Diploma Frames

If you want to display two degrees or a degree with a campus image, these diploma frames ensure enhanced and compact presentation. The premium clear standard glass in these frames block 45% UV light and 90% light transmission.

5×7 Portrait Frames

Whether you want to display your degree with your picture, your picture alone, your picture with a tassel, or all three, these frames ensure an appealing and beautiful display that complements your accomplishment.

Diploma with Announcement Frames

If you want to display your degree document with an announcement document or both of them with a tassel, these frames can help. Designed in legacy black cherry/petite mahogany moulding, these frames provide a classic look with a fine-drawn satin finish.

Triple Opening Frame

If you want to show off your two degrees along with your campus image, opt for a triple-opening frame. These frames have a pleasing classic mahogany moulding with gold accents, providing a mix of a classic and contemporary look.


Lithograph Frame

These frames are suitable for displaying your campus image proudly. Made of mahogany moulding with a rich satin finish, it ensures a classic look of all time.


If you wish to preserve your Harvard diploma, getting a custom diploma frame is the way to go. Visit our website to choose from a wide range of frame styles and get it personalized to suit your requirements.


University Frames

University Frames, an American company based in Anaheim, CA, has been providing custom diploma frames since 1990. We offer quality diploma frames that fit your taste and style. We are committed to providing the best customer experience through our quality craftsmanship and attention-to-detail approach. Contact us to get a custom diploma frame and show off your pride!