What Is the Best Glass for Framing Your Diploma?

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What Is the Best Glass for Framing Your Diploma?

12/10/2018 By University Frames

What Is the Best Glass for Framing Your Diploma?

When it comes to diploma framing, choosing the right type of glass to put in your frame is extremely important. Your diploma represents all of your hard work and achievement, you don't want such an important document to fade or become damaged over time. The right type of glass will protect your diploma while at the same time allowing it to stand out within the frame.

Premium Clear (Standard Glass/Plexiglas)

Standard glass/Plexiglas is capable of blocking up to 45% of UV rays that can lead to fading and discoloring of your document or photo. It's an affordable option if your document won't be exposed to UV light or dramatic temperature changes. 

In an environment where the lighting is controlled, this glass allows for approximately 90% of light transmission with no more than 8% light reflection. This means your diploma or photo will be visible with very little reflection coming off the glass.

Standard glass/Plexiglas

UV Protection Glass

UV protection glass blocks up to 99% of harmful UV light rays, protecting your diploma against damage and fading caused by UV light over time. This glass comes with a non-glare matte finish. It also allows more than 89% light transmission and minimizes glare.  

UV Glass

Museum-Quality Glass for Diploma Framing

Museum-quality glass frame blocks 99% of UV rays and has a non-glare, matte finish. This conservation-grade glass reduces glare and protects the framed item from the harmful effects of UV rays. This prevents fading, discoloration, and deterioration of the document or photograph that it protects. 

The matte finish of the glass reduces light reflection by over 85% - the lowest possible reflection rating available with UV protection and allows you to clearly view your diploma from any angle.

Museum Glass for Diploma Framing

Professional diploma framing will provide you with different options in terms of glass and the framing so you can decide on how you want your document to appear. To protect your diploma from any type of damage, it's essential that you have it framed right away. As soon as you receive your diploma, visit our website to ensure that it is professionally framed as soon as possible. The right glass with the perfect frame will allow you to show off your diploma in the very best possible light.

Protect Your Diploma Frame

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