University Frames Survey: Why Our Frames Are Loved
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University Frames Survey: Why Our Frames Are Loved

9/24/2020 By University Frames

University Frames Survey: Why Our Frames Are Loved

A diploma acknowledges all the hard work, time, money, and effort that students invest to achieve their academic degrees. Generally, high school and graduation diplomas are framed, not just for decoration and display purposes, but also to protect them. Some of our customers were surveyed during the period of April-May, 2020. Learn about what motivates customers to buy our graduation diploma frames.


Figure 1 examines whether the buyers intended to purchase the frames for themselves or not. 


  • 55% of the respondents bought the frames for themselves.
  • 45% of the respondents bought it as a gift for someone else.

Key Takeaways

Loved by all, University Frames is a highly trusted brand. Whether you purchase it to showcase your degree or as a gift for a loved one, we are the brand you can rely on. Most of our customers buy our diploma frames for themselves. So whether you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional, when it comes to preserving and displaying your degree and diplomas, University Frames is the best choice. 


Figure 2 determines the motives of the responders who bought the frames as a gift. 


  • 36.14% of the respondents said that they had purchased the frame for their child.
  • 1.20% of the respondents had bought the frame as a gift for their grandchild.
  • 62.65% of the respondents indicated "other," but it can be safely assumed that the purchases were for themselves. 
  • Some of the responders had also bought the frames for their significant others.

Key Takeaways

University Frames makes products that are appealing to people of all ages. Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, a sibling, a spouse, or a friend, this is the best gift for your loved one who graduated. Our diploma frames not only preserve the degrees, but each frame is designed to display the certificates in a unique manner. With our frames, you can showcase your degree in the comfort of your home or display your diploma in your office to display your credentials.


Figure 3 examines the people's motivations to buy from University Frames. These can be sorted into seven groups, as shown below.


  • 56%, over half of the buyers, chose University Frames because of the customized frames.
  • 44% chose University Frames because of the frame variety.
  • 30% chose University Frames because of the lower prices.
  • 23% chose University Frames because of free shipping.
  •  Friends referred 8% of buyers, and 3% found the site online as the first option.
  • 14% of the buyers were repeating customers.

Key Takeaways

More than half of our customers have stated that they buy our frames because of our wide range of customized frames. A little less than half of our customers stated that the variety of frames was their reason to choose us. We always strive to provide our customers with a wide variety and flexible design and customization options that they are looking for. Our frames aren’t just a decorative item. They are an easy investment to preserve your degrees and certificates. 


We also offer free shipping to our customers and make it easy for you to buy and customize your frame on any device. Our product varieties, personalized features, and quality are unmatched by our competitors. 


Many of our customers trust us enough to recommend our products and services. If you’ve purchased our diploma frames, then we assure you that we will value your trust in us every time you buy from us. Refer our services to your friends and loved ones. Our customer services team is happy to answer all your questions and resolve any issues that you face.

At University Frames, we are happy to serve all our customers and would love to extend our services to your friends and loved ones. Think of University Frames whenever you or your loved one wishes to display and preserve your diplomas or degrees.


University Frames

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