Unique and Personalized Father's Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love

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Unique and Personalized Father's Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love

6/15/2020 By University Frames

Unique and Personalized Father's Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love

Father's Day is the perfect time to celebrate everything that represents what your dad really means to you. Sometimes, it's the little things that mean the most. Father's Day gift ideas that come from the heart and are designed using the things that bring back the most memories are often the ones that your father will cherish for many years to come.

Here are some unique gift ideas for Father’s Day that you can consider in 2020:

Showcase Some of His Fondest Memories

Fond memories sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Use a beautiful frame to showcase some of your dad's fondest and most beloved memories. This can be holding his child or grandchild for the first time, your parents' wedding photo, or his biggest catch from one of his fishing trips.

Our Portrait Wedding Frames make a perfect Father’s Day gift that will help him display, protect, and preserve his wedding portrait. The matboard is embossed with a gold or silver metallic "Forever" logo that symbolizes everlasting love.

Our LOVE Snapshots Wedding Frames will help you make a beautiful collage of his wedding photos. It also comes with a gold or silver metallic "Forever" logo and can fit four 3 x4 vertical photos.

Take a small memento and a photograph to create a collage that he can look at and remember the best days of his life in college. You can help him relive his college days with our Campus Image Frame.

Remember Dad's Athletic Prowess

If your dad was a star athlete in his prime, see if you can find one of his old high school letters, a program, or photographs of him when he was on the playing field. Arrange them in a sturdy diploma frame and add a nice matte finish, using his old school colors.

For a few minutes, he can look at those photos and sports memorabilia to relive his glory days when times were simple, and every Friday was game night.

Highlight Honors, Awards, and Achievements

Over the years, your dad has earned many different honors and awards. From his high school and college years, those achievements have really started to add up. Collect a few of the most exciting achievements and frame each one. Create a piece of wall art by placing each achievement on the wall. Arrange them to form a design or simply space them out neatly to form a pattern.

You can help him celebrate his school pride with our Logo Mat Frame. Our hand-crafted logo mats can be customized to show his school colors.

Remember Each Generation

No one loved your dad more than your grandpa. Find a picture of the two of them together and a few of your grandpa. Include pictures of your dad and yourself to create a photo collage of all the generations in your family. Don't forget to include grandchildren if you have them! The more, the merrier. You can continue to add photos to his wall with each new family member that comes along.

You can honor your father’s or grandpa’s service with our official diploma frames that showcase their military school.

Deck Out Dad's Office with a New Diploma Frame

If you want to go the extra mile, buy a new degree frame for your doctor or lawyer dad to showcase his hard-earned degree. He spent years earning, and it has served him well. Take a few minutes to select a beautiful oak or maple frame that will accentuate well with the décor in his office and showcase one of his most cherished possessions.

You can consider our Double Degree Frames or Diploma with a Portrait to display his achievement with pride. Our frames are designed carefully for a professional presentation.

Father's Day gift ideas shouldn’t be plain or simple. It's about honoring your dad's commitment to you and your family. The gift you buy should reflect on how much you appreciate all of his efforts and hard work. Choosing the right type of frame is a great first step!



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