Father's Day Gift Ideas: 11 Unique and Personalized Present for Dads

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Unique and Personalized Gift Ideas for Dads and Grads

6/6/2019 By University Frames

Unique and Personalized Gift Ideas for Dads and Grads

With graduation and Father's Day close at hand, now is the time to start shopping for the perfect gift for your loved ones. Dads and grads have a lot in common. Both are looking for ways to make their life more efficient, and both love to find ways to have fun. With those thoughts in mind, get them something practical and fun. Unique gifts for dads and grads aren't hard to find if you know what they like. We have compiled some unique Father's Day and graduation gift ideas.

subscription box for father

Subscription Box

The simplest gift idea for Father's Day is subscription boxes. Many subscription boxes are specific to your Father's interests, such as grooming products, food, snacks, or books. 

For the foodie dads, subscription boxes provide cooking ingredients and recipes, making meal planning easy and fun. 

Additionally, boxes have special things to offer to dads who love traveling, photography, or even vinyl records! The options are endless, so choose wisely, keeping your Father's interest in mind.

With subscription boxes, your dad will receive monthly surprises reminding him of your love and appreciation. Plus, he'll get to try out new products and experiences, making this gift idea unique and thoughtful.


/bbq grill for fathers day gift

BBQ Grill

What's the perfect Father's Day food gift idea? A BBQ grill, of course! 
There's just something in the smoky air of the grill that makes a man feel like a king, be it flipping his burgers or tossing veggies. 

Regarding BBQ grills, there are plenty of options, such as the traditional charcoal grill, the easy-to-use gas grill, and even high-tech electric grills. Choose the one that fits the best for your dad.

But don't stop at just the grill! Consider getting some accessories to take your dad's grilling game to the next level. A meat thermometer is a must-have for achieving the perfect level of doneness, while a grill basket and skewers are great for cooking veggies alongside the meat. 

Your dad will love receiving a BBQ grill as a Father's Day gift. Who knows, you might even be able to convince him to let you come over for a Father's Day BBQ! [Just kidding : )]


Office Accessories

Tools of Their Trade

Giving gifts they can use for their job are always welcome. Everyone needs some office accessories to complete their tasks. An accountant grad may need a new briefcase with a pen and pencil set. Your dad may enjoy woodworking or playing golf. Instead of getting him a tie or wallet, buy him a woodworking tool or a new set of golf accessories. 

Take a close look at what type of office tools or accessories your loved one will need and purchase something that they will be able to use for many years to come.


Tech Gadget for Dads

Tech Gadgets

Tech gadgets have become indispensable daily, and dads are no exception. Tech gifts provide an easy and enjoyable experience, from smartwatches to wireless earbuds. 

Dads can control their smart homes, track their fitness, or stream their favorite shows with just a few taps. That's why it's a perfect gift idea for Father's Day.

If your dad is an avid reader, you can consider e-readers like Kindle Paperwhite. You can opt for noise-canceling headphones such as Sony earphones for a music lover. 

Moreover, the latest tech gadgets on the market include the new Apple iPad Pro, LG OLED TV, Sony PlayStation 5, and more. Shop wisely, and you just make your dad's day perfect with a new tech gadget. 


Gym Workout Space

Membership in a Gym or Club

Buying your graduate or your dad a membership to a gym or club is a great way for them to stay fit and have some fun at the same time.

If you purchase a gym membership, you will be providing them with a way to not only stay fit but also relieve the frustration that builds up after a long day of work. 


fitness tracker for dads

Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers make one of the great Father's Day gift ideas for dads into fitness. Getting your dad to stay active and healthy is an excellent way to express your love for him. 

A fitness tracker can help your dad to monitor his daily activity levels, including steps taken, calories burned, heart rates, blood oxygen levels, sleep patterns, and other vital signs. 

Look for features like battery life, tracking accuracy, and water resistance capability when selecting a fitness tracker. 

A good fitness tracker will monitor your Father's health and remind him of the time to reach his fitness goals. So, a fitness tracker is an excellent gift if you want to encourage your dad to stay healthy.


sports-gear gifts for dads

Sports Gear

Who says dads can't be kids too? Whether your dad is an active gym-goer or just enjoys a weekend basketball game with the guys, sports gear is the best Father's Day gift idea. 

Sports gear will encourage your dad to be active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, it will create a perfect opportunity for you and your dad to bond over a shared interest. 

When choosing sports gear as a gift for your dad, remember his favorite sports and choose the right sports gear high in quality and durability. Choose products from reputable brands known for their quality and good reviews. 

Surprise your dad with s stylish and functional Father's Day sports gearIt's a win-win situation for both of you. He gets to enjoy his favorite activities with comfortable, high-quality gear, and you get to see the smile on his face. 


Weekend Getaway

A Weekend Getaway

Another unique gift for dads and grads is a weekend getaway. Buying a package deal that includes hotels and meals or a rental car can be extremely affordable if all of the things you need are bundled together. 

Some time away may just be what they need to relax and take a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Custom Diploma Frame

Custom Diploma Frames

Custom diploma frames make a unique and personalized Father’s Day gift. They are perfect for dads and grads as these frames can be easily customized to match their personal style and preference. You can design, customize, and even preview your diploma frame before placing the order. 

You can gift them a diploma frame that includes their portrait or grad cap tassel alongside their diploma. The possibilities for customizing a diploma frame are endless! You can even give them gift cards and let them get a custom diploma frame of their choice. 

Personalizing a gift doesn't just mean adding an inscription. It can mean that you took the time to shop and find just the right gift that your dad or new grad will get the most enjoyment out of. Put in a little extra effort, so your loved one knows that you truly care and want them to have the best possible, one-of-a-kind Father’s Day or graduation gift.


personalized gifts for fathers day

Personalized Gifts Ideas for Father's Day

Personalized Father's Day DIY gifts are a great way to show your dad how much you care. Unlike generic gifts, personalized gifts are specific to your dad's unique character and interests. 

Many popular personalized gifts for dads include custom diploma frames, engraved watches, monogrammed wallets, and custom-made beer mugs. Another great option is to create personalized gifts yourself, such as a photo album or a jar filled with notes of appreciation. 

A DIY gift will show your love and care and demonstrate the effort you put into making the gift special. So, why settle for a typical Father's Day gift when you can make it one-of-a-kind with a personalized touch? 



Choosing the perfect gift can be overwhelming, but it's important to remember that the thought counts. Consider your dad's interests and hobbies, and choose a gift that fits his personality. We've explored various gift ideas for Father's Day, ranging from diploma frames, BBQ grills, fitness trackers, tech gadgets, and sports gear to DIYs.  

You don't have to break the bank to make your dad feel special this Father's Day. The right gift, no matter how big or small, will go a long way in showing your appreciation and gratitude. The perfect gift should make your dad feel appreciated and loved on this special day. 

So start planning from the above Father’s Day gift ideas and prepare to make your dad feel like a king on his special day! 





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