Tips to Save Money on Food as a College Student

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 Tips to Save Money on Food as a College Student

5/9/2022 By University Frames

Tips to Save Money on Food as a College Student

Every college student has a unique budget for spending. However, the one common thing most college students experience is the constant shortage of money to spend on rent, tuition fees, etc., as food expenses take up a large portion of their finances. Life on campus with friends often tempts students to eat out, order food online, throw parties, etc. While these activities are fun, they can quickly deplete your savings, leaving you strapped for cash when it comes to other essential expenses.

Are you one of those college students who have trouble limiting food expenses? Consider these handy tips to save money on food.

Shop in Bulk

Buy frequently used groceries in bulk quantities to save some money. Shopping in bulk quantities will also eliminate the need to visit supermarkets often, thus also helping you save money and time on transportation. However, only purchase bulk packages on items that can last longer, which include cereals, oatmeal, rice, pasta, etc., instead of food that expires quickly like fruit and meat.

Have a Shopping List

Visiting the grocery store without a shopping list may tempt you to buy anything that looks good at the store, putting a dent in your budget. Therefore, have a list at your hand to avoid making unwanted or impulse purchases. You can buy generic-brand consumer products, as they are mostly cheaper yet good.

Look for Discounts 

You can use promotional coupons, reward programs, and loyalty memberships offered by grocery stores to buy your favorite items while saving money. Grocery stores near college campuses offer incentives or discounts to students for shopping with them. You can look for such deals and make the most of them. Another effortless way to save is to utilize “buy one, get one free” offers and other coupons delivered online or through mail.

Share with Your Friends

If you desire to eat out at expensive restaurants, take your friends too instead of going alone so you can share the cost of food, transportation, and whatever you spend. This way, you can eat to your heart’s desire while saving money.

Prepare Meals

Preparing foods yourself is always cheaper than eating out. Therefore, if you have kitchen facilities on campus or in your room, you can try cooking some staple food items like rice, pasta, etc.

Freeze Leftovers

Wasting food is wasting money, so don’t throw leftover foods. Instead, warp them up in your freezer for future use. If you do not like frozen foods, avoid cooking in bulk. You can also stock fresh fruits in your freezer and use them on days when you do not want to cook.

Eat Something Before Leaving

Make sure to eat something before leaving your home, like a handful of nuts, a fruit, or a mini bowl of pasta. This will help you munch less at the outside stores, making you save a considerable amount on food spending.

Find Free/Cheap Foods

Attend on-campus events or join college-sponsored clubs that offer free food. You can also visit local bars and restaurants during their happy hours to eat for cheaper prices. Some supermarkets offer food demos to highlight the healthy ingredients available at their stores or promote new and seasonal produce. You can participate in these food demos to taste food samples free of cost.

Shop Through Apps

Several shopping apps will provide you cash-back for some deals, scanning items, inviting friends to join the app, or just visiting the store. You can buy groceries through such apps to save something.

Food is a necessity, and dining out on a budget does not have to be difficult. You can save a great deal of money with the above-mentioned tips without limiting eating out.


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