The Best Ways to Frame Your Diploma
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The Best Ways to Frame Your Diploma

11/16/2018 By University Frames

The Best Ways to Frame Your Diploma

You've worked hard to earn your diploma, don't use a simple, inexpensive frame to display it. Your diploma is a sign of the time and effort you put into improving your life. Put it in a frame that’s worthy of your accomplishments. A simple, yet stylish frame, combined with the right shade of matte, will make your diploma a beautiful reminder of the work you have put into achieving your degree. Diploma framing is an art, so you need to consider a few things aside from choosing the right frame.

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind while framing your diploma:

Use Museum-Grade or Archival Materials

Museum-grade or archival materials such as UV filtered glass, rag mats help preserve your documents in the original state. Never use cheap materials to frame your diploma. Using museum-grade materials adds a touch of elegance and distinction that allows others to see how proud you are of your achievement. Archival or museum-grade materials will also stand the test of time and keep your diploma looking its best for many years to come.

The Right Matte Keeps It Classy

The moulding isn’t the only thing that makes your frame shine. Using the right matte can help your diploma stand out. A contrasting frame will highlight the rich darkness of the inks on the page.

UV Grade Glass Is a Must

Choose a frame with UV Grade glass. UV grade glass blocks the harmful rays of the sun that can cause the ink and parchment to fade and become discolored. UV grade glass will protect both the paper and the ink from potential damage if they are exposed to sunlight for any length of time.

The frame you choose for your diploma should be just as special as the document itself. Take your time and choose the perfect one to make your diploma look its very best.

Customize Your Diploma Online

If you are finding it difficult to choose the right frame and matte for your degree, contact us for help. We have years of experience in diploma framing and will help you decide which frames would look best!


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