Mother’s Day Sale: Celebrate Your Moms with University Frames!

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Mother’s Day Sale: Celebrate Your Moms with University Frames!

5/7/2023 By University Frames

Mother’s Day Sale: Celebrate Your Moms with University Frames!

Make This Mother's Day Memorable with a Flat 15% OFF on All Diploma Frames!

Mother's Day is not just a day to celebrate the women who gave us life but to honor all the incredible mothers' unwavering love, selflessness, and sacrifice. Welcome to our Mother's Day Sale! This year, we're thrilled to offer an exclusive discount of 15% on all diploma frames specially curated for this momentous occasion.

Our special offer will be valid from May 8th to May 15th, so take advantage of our entire collection of frames at excellent prices. These frames are ideal for showcasing your mom's achievements stunningly and unexpectedly. 

Make this Mother's Day unforgettable with our exceptional diploma frames Mother’s Day offers!

Our frames are crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that your mom's accomplishments are in the best possible light. Treat your mom to a special gift this Mother's Day with University Frames' selection of beautiful frames. 

We offer a wide range of frame styles to choose from, including, "Double Diploma Frame," "Diploma Frame with Tassel, "Graduation Picture Frames," and much more. 

Redeem this Mother’s Day Offer with Simple Steps!

Enjoy our exclusive Mother's Day Sale and get 15% OFF on all frames. Use code MOM15 at checkout to enjoy this limited-time offer on our custom diploma frames collection. Choose from a wide range of frames and customize them to create a unique piece that surprisingly showcases your mom's achievements.

Don’t miss the offer! Make this Mother's Day unforgettable for your mom! Shop now and show her how much you care.

NOTE: This offer cannot be combined with other offers and is unavailable on bulk orders. It excludes international deliveries and is not valid on redirect or partner sites.


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