How to Keep Your Diploma Frames Safe When You Move
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How to Keep Your Diploma Frames Safe When You Move

1/23/2019 By University Frames

How to Keep Your Diploma Frames Safe When You Move

Whether you are moving from one office to another or moving into a new home, you will need to protect your valuable items for transportation. Your diploma frames will need a little extra attention if you want them to make it from one place to another without being damaged. You’ll need to follow some steps to help your diploma frames survive the trip.

Protect the Corners

Get some frame corner protectors. You can find some that will fit most diploma frames. They will protect the corners from being chipped or cracked during the packing and move. Frame corners should fit snugly but may require being taped in place if they appear to be loose. If you can't find frame corner protectors, take additional pieces of bubble wrap and tape them securely over the corners.

diploma frame bubble wrap

Wrap Carefully

Wrap the frame carefully with a blanket or bubble wrap. Tape the wrapping securely in place so that it won't shift or slide during the move. Make sure to cover every surface of your diploma frame, including the corners. If you aren't using a frame or mirror box, wrap the frame in a thick blanket as well for added protection.

Place in a Mirror or Frame Box

Slide the frame into a mirror or frame box. Pack the box with extra paper, packing peanuts or bubble wrap to ensure the frame won't bounce around. Tape the ends securely and label the box. If you can't find a mirror or frame box, two large pieces of sturdy cardboard can be used. Make sure you double wrap the frame and tape extra pieces of bubble wrap over the corners. Put the pieces of cardboard on both sides and tape them securely together.

Stand Upright During the Move

Laying boxed diploma frames flat during a move can cause the glass to break and the frame to warp. Write "Do Not Lay Flat" in big, noticeable letters on both sides of the box so everyone can see. Also, always place the frame box in an upright position between two firm and tall objects that will prevent it from being bent or falling over.

Your diploma frames can be kept in pristine condition if you take the time to properly pack them. A few minutes of wrapping, taping, and boxing will keep your frames looking their very best for many years


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