How to Frame a Diploma

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How to Frame a Diploma

11/4/2020 By University Frames

How to Frame a Diploma

After years of hard work and long nights of studying, you finally earned your diploma. Earning a degree is a great achievement that deserves to be celebrated. Your diploma is not just a piece of paper, so take pride in showing it off and properly framing it.

Framing your diploma can keep the document intact without folding or cracking its edges while displaying your accomplishments and excellence to others. Once you have decided to showcase your diploma, you need to choose the right frame based on where you want to hang your diploma to make sure it stands out. 

University Frames offer a variety of styles in diploma frames in terms of different mat colors, frame moldings, and glass options. We also customize the frames to meet your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Visit site to explore various diploma frames and the customizations available.  

Steps for Framing Your Diploma

Once you have received your diploma frame, you might be wondering how to frame it.

Here are the practical steps on how to frame a diploma and tassel:

To Frame a Diploma:

  • Spread the bubble wrap on the table and place your diploma frame upside down to preserve its finish. 

  • Use the screwdriver to gently bend back the black tabs on all four sides of the frame and remove the mounting board. Make sure you do not remove the cutout mat board from the frame. 

  • Place your diploma face down on the mat board opening, ensuring that its edges are parallel and evenly spaced with the sides of the opening. 

  • Using two pieces of Scotch® Magic Tape, secure the diploma to the matboard at the upper left and right corners. Rub the tape firmly to ensure it is secured. 

  • Replace the mounting board and push the black tabs back in place.

To Insert the Tassel:

  • Insert the hanging cord through the hole and tape it securely on the back of the mounting board. 

  • Replace the mounting board into the frame, ensuring that the tassel strands stay within the board cutout. 

Visit our website to explore various display options like diploma frame with channel cut, portrait, tassel box, double degree frame, and more. Select any one of these styles and customize it the way you want. 

How to Hang Your Diploma Frame on the Wall

Along with the package, we provide a hanging system kit that includes two nails, one level, and a bumper. You will also need a hammer. 

  • Remove the rubber safety stopper from the Blink hanger. 
  • Place the level on the top of the frame until it is evenly positioned on the wall.

  • Once you are satisfied with the frame’s position, press the frame over hangers against the wall. 

  • Remove the level and the frame. Now, you can see the two new holes made by the hangers on the wall. 

  • Insert the nails into the holes using a hammer. 

  • Align the blink hangers to the nails and place the frame down until it is appropriately positioned. 

To help you insert and hang your diploma easily, we send an instruction manual with every frame you purchase. Contact or visit us to learn more about our diploma framing styles, designs, and tips.


University Frames

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