How to Display Diploma on Your Wall with Pride
How to Display Your Diploma on Your Wall with Pride

2/26/2020 By University Frames

How to Display Your Diploma on Your Wall with Pride

Earning your college diploma is one of your most important and notable achievements. Whether you choose to display your diploma at home or in your office, you want to make sure it’s placed somewhere that gives your achievement the proper respect. College diploma frames serve to showcase your professionally framed diploma to the world and remind you of your hard work. 

Don't just choose a simple diploma frame and place it in an obscure corner. Go the extra mile and spend a few extra dollars to find the best diploma frame. It will not only protect your diploma from damage but also make sure it always looks its very best. Once it's framed, you can hang it somewhere highly visible.

How to Hang Your Diploma on the Wall

Once you get your framed diploma, you now have to mount it onto the wall. For this, we need a wall mounting kit that comes with your frame package. This kit includes one strip of tape, two markers, two nails, one level, and a bumper. You will also need a hammer.

Hang Diploma Frame Step 1


  • First, insert the two plastic markers into the metal brackets on the back of the frame and rotate clockwise to lock them in place.


Hang Diploma Frame Step 2


  • Attach the bumper to the bottom of the frame and make sure it’s centered on the moulding.


Hang Diploma Frame Step 3


  • Using the strip of tape, attach the level to the top edge of the frame. 


Hang Diploma Frame Step 4


  • If you are mounting your frame on a textured surface, color the tips of the plastic markers with a highlighter.


Hang Diploma Frame Step 5


  • When all pieces are attached, take the frame and position it on the wall. Use the level to ensure an evenly balanced position.


Hang Diploma Frame Step 6


  • Once you are satisfied with the position, press the frame firmly against the wall.


Hang Diploma Frame Step 7


  • The plastic markers should have made two dimple marks into the wall.


Hang Diploma Frame Step 8


  • Remove the level and remove it from the frame. Then unlock the plastic markers from the metal brackets.


Hang Diploma Frame Step 9


  • Insert the nails into the plastic markers. Using a hammer, nail the plastic markers into the marked dimples on the wall.


Hang Diploma Frame Step 10


  • Finally, take the frame and use the metal brackets to hook onto the plastic markers.

Watch this video to learn how to hang your diploma on your wall and showcase your achievement with pride!

When Hanging Diplomas, Which One Goes on Top?

hanging diplomas on wall


Hang your diplomas in order of importance from top to bottom. For example, a Doctorate needs to be placed at the top, followed by your Master's degree in the middle, and then your Bachelor's degree at the bottom. You can also consider a few other orders, including:

  • Hang the diplomas from left to right, in their order of importance.
  • If you have four degrees, consider hanging them in a square pattern.
  • If you have multiple diplomas and limited space, hang the most significant one. For instance, your Ph.D.
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