How Much Does Diploma Framing Cost?
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How Much Does Diploma Framing Cost?

12/3/2018 By University Frames

How Much Does Diploma Framing Cost?

Your diploma is probably one of the most important documents you will ever want to hang on your wall. Your achievements are worth acknowledging and a high-quality frame can help with that. Now, you may be thinking: how much it will cost to get a diploma framed? While diploma framing may cost a little more, you worked hard to earn your diploma, and the frame you choose should do it justice. In many cases, your budget will determine how much money you spend on finding the perfect frame. 

With such a wide variety of frames to choose from, diploma framing cost may vary:

Simple Styles

Simple frames can be fairly inexpensive. An average frame with no mat can cost anywhere from $30 to $75. The price will most often depend on the size and the type of materials used. Simple frames usually provide a thin, non-descript border that is often one color and very plain.

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Ornate and Distinguished

Elaborately ornate and distinguished frames can cost more but are worth the investment if made with quality materials. This is especially true if the diploma frame is large and you include a double or triple mat. These frames often have a place for a small metal placard that can be inscribed with the name of your college or the year you graduated. 

Adding a Mat

Mats are the finishing touch that will make your diploma stand out. Single, double, and triple-layer mats are often used. The more mats that are used, the larger and more expensive the frame. If mats are used, the edges can be beveled or shaped to conform to the decorative edges of your diploma for an added touch of sophistication. If this is the type of framing you’re looking for, you may have to pay around $400 or $500. 

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Even if your diploma framing cost is a little higher, your hard work should be appreciated. Frames using quality materials may cost more, but quality materials mean they should last longer and are worthy of your achievement. Choose a frame that is indicative of your time and effort!

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