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11/2/2018 By University Frames

Gift a Diploma Frame This Holiday Season

After Thanksgiving, comes the gifting season. Personalized and thoughtful gifts are a great way to show a loved one how much you care. If you are looking for a perfect gift idea this holiday season, look no further! You can give a custom diploma frame to a recent graduate or alumni to honor their academic achievement.

Explore our frames and select the one that best suits their style and taste:

The Executive


A framing masterpiece that will be appreciated for decades to come! The Executive is made of high-quality hardwood with straight grain. The rope pattern on the inner edge of the frame adds a unique touch. The rich suede or library leather mat and the wood fillet liner are further designed to highlight your diploma in style.

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The Honors


Designed to stand out with the highest quality specifications! The Honors represents a blend of classic and contemporary style. Milled, finished, and assembled to meet the highest standards which are above and beyond our competitors.

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The Classic


Quality and high gloss moulding perfect for any alumni! The Classic is available in a number of finishes and complements any home or office décor.

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The Legacy


Reflecting a timeless look, yet representing a contemporary style, the Legacy is designed to become a classic! With the rich and satiny finish, it combines a straight profile and the contemporary feel. It is perfect for those who are searching for a modern look without the high gloss.

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The Satin


Premium quality moulding with a satin finish perfect for any graduate to show off their achievement! The Satin does not have high gloss lacquer and gold accents, but all the other components are the same as those in the Classic line. It is available in Satin Walnut and Satin Mahogany.

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The Petite


Perfect for those who are looking for a narrower moulding and a value-priced frame! The Petite meets the same quality standards as the Classic line. Fine hardwoods are used to create a smaller moulding with the finest high-lacquer finishes.

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The Manhattan


A simple yet elegant frame designed to defy the passage of time! The Manhattan is available in a satin black or rich espresso finish.

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The Avalon


A beautiful and elegant concave hardwood frame with a semi-gloss finish that enhances the appearance of the certificate within it. The Avalon frame is one inch tall and 15/8 inches wide and features a raised ebony outer edge and beaded interior.

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Customization Options You Can Choose From

You can easily customize your frame according to your style and preference. You can choose from the following available styles:

  • Double Degree (Stacked or Side-by-Side)
  • Diploma with Tassel Box
  • 5X7 Portrait
  • 5X7 Portrait with Tassel Box
  • Diploma with 5X7 Portrait
  • Diploma with 5X7 Portrait & Tassel Box
  • Double Degree with Tassel Box
  • Triple Degree

Gift Cards and Discounts Are Available!

You can also give your loved one gift cards and certificates so they can select the frame of their choice. Just select an amount you want to contribute to help them get their frame – a gift they will always remember!

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