Get Your Beautiful, Customized Campus Image Diploma Frame at University Frames

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Get Your Beautiful, Customized Campus Image Diploma Frame at University Frames

10/24/2021 By University Frames

Get Your Beautiful, Customized Campus Image Diploma Frame at University Frames

One of the most remarkable achievements in your college experience is the degree you earned and the memories of your college campus. From birthday celebrations and cheering with your friends at the stadium to your first snow on campus, you might have a lot of campus memories! 

Our customizable campus image diploma frames allow you to showcase your hard-earned degree, reminding you of those memorable events and late-night studies that shaped your college experience. We know everyone has unique styles, which is why we offer a wide range of frame styles that can be customized to suit specific preferences and budgets.

Our Diploma with Campus Image Frame Collection

We provide the following different styles of diploma frames with campus image:

Double Opening with Campus Image (Stacked) Frame

Beautifully crafted with high-quality matting and moulding, these frames provide a timeless look with black and silver mats. The premium clear standard glass in these frames block 45% UV light and 90% light transmission, keeping your documents and campus image intact. 



Looking for a frame that will complement any home/office décor? Our double opening with campus image frame is the ideal choice for your graduate!

Double Opening with Campus Image and Tassel Box

Designed in Avalon mahogany moulding with a semi-gloss satin finish and raised ebony outer edge, these frames have two openings and a tassel box to showcase your degree and graduation tassel. While ensuring enhanced display, their acid and a lignin-free mat board and mount board help preserve your document for years. 



Select this framing option to display your school pride with your tassel and campus image framed side by side along with your prized diploma.

Triple Opening with Campus Image Frame 

Made of classic mahogany and gold trim moulding with black and gold accents, these frames ensure a compact and lovely presentation. You can further customize the look of the frame with our exceptional moulding designs and mat options. 



Gift this timeless, classy-looking frame to your graduate so that they can display their achievements and relish their campus memories for years to come.

Diploma Frames with Lithograph 

Made of mahogany moulding with a subtle satin finish and black and gold mats, these frames provide a classic look. The museum-quality mat board and mount board and clear standard glass in these frames protect your campus image from harmful UV rays.



These frames make the perfect gift for your artsy graduate or anyone who wants their diplomas to reflect the timeless past blended with contemporary today.

Additionally, you can also choose from our other distinct frame styles, including:

Why Choose University Frames for All Your Diploma Framing Needs?

At University Frames Inc, we know how special your graduation is. That’s why we deliver high-quality frames to preserve your most treasured documents. With over 30 years of experience and highly competent framing experts, we accurately handcraft each of our frames to meet your specifications. Whether you need a contemporary frame with a classic look or one with a fine-drawn finish, you can explore our wide range of frame designs and display options. 

You can also design your own frame using our online frame builder tool. We pride ourselves on our product quality, customer satisfaction, and professionalism. 

Visit our website if you are looking for the finest diploma frames.  


University Frames

University Frames, an American company based in Anaheim, CA, has been providing custom diploma frames since 1990. We offer quality diploma frames that fit your taste and style. We are committed to providing the best customer experience through our quality craftsmanship and attention-to-detail approach. Contact us to get a custom diploma frame and show off your pride!