Features You Need To Consider Before Buying Diploma Frames

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Features You Need To Consider Before Buying Diploma Frames

2/28/2023 By University Frames

Features You Need To Consider Before Buying Diploma Frames

For over 30 years, University Frames is a renowned provider of top-notch diploma frames for college graduates and those who want to showcase academic achievements. Our frames are made from the finest hardwood and crafted with utmost attention to detail. We started a trend that has become a graduation "must have" by hand delivering custom crafted diploma frames to California State University Fullerton in 1991. We now represent the finest frames in America to college and university bookstores around the country.

What makes a diploma frame beautiful?

It’s not simply the frame style but all the components that go into crafting the perfect frame for your diploma. Students who have achieved a degree, whether a graduate, Ph.D., or master's diploma, have gone through a lot of hard work to get to that point. They want a diploma frame that will proudly showcase their accomplishments and be a beautiful piece of décor. When shopping for diploma frames, there are several key features to consider.

Continue reading to learn about the features to look for when purchasing diploma frames:

Framing Material

Frames are commonly made of a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. The frame material is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a diploma frame. The choice of material depends on several factors such as cost, durability, weight, and style. Wooden frames are a popular choice for their classic look and are often used for diplomas and certificates.

Ultimately, the choice of material for a university frame will depend on the specific needs and preferences of our customers. University Frames takes the pride in using the best hardwood in all its solid frames. The wood we have chosen is renowned in the industry for its durability and straight grain. We also take care of safeguarding natural resources and preserving the environment during the plantation process.

Frame Size

The size of a diploma frame is important because it directly impacts the appearance and display of your diploma. If the frame is too small, it may not fit the diploma properly and important parts of the document may be obscured. On the other hand, if the frame is too big, it may overpower the diploma, drawing attention away from the document itself.

Here, at University Frames we always provide a well-fitted frame that enhances the visual appeal of the diploma and makes it easier to display. Diplomas come in various sizes, so you want to ensure you get the right size for your diploma frame.

Here are standard certificates sizes for different degrees:

  • Bachelors and other types of diplomas – 8 1/2″ x 11″
  • Doctoral degree (excluding medical degrees) – 11″ x 14″
  • Medical School (MD or DO) - 15 3/4″ x 22″


When choosing a diploma frame, it's also important to consider the size of the matting. Matting is the decorative border that surrounds the diploma, and the size of the matting can impact the overall appearance of the frame. A wide matting can make the diploma look more substantial and provide a background for the document, while a narrow matting can give the diploma a more understated look.

We provide mat board and mount board made by industry experts. To help preserve and protect your document, all of our mat boards and mount boards are acid and lignin-free. We have two types of mat board: Primary Mat and Accent Mat. Furthermore, University Frames offers a distinctive medallion to add a touch of elegance to the custom diploma frame, which will shine brilliantly over time. Check out our selection of frame mat board.

Framing Glass

The type of glass used in the diploma frame is also essential. You want to ensure that the glass is of good quality and has UV protection. It will help protect your diploma from fading or discoloration over time. We provide a variety of glass options for diploma frames. All our frames come with standard glass that protects your degree/diploma from dust and dirt and blocks up to 45% of UV light. We also have upgraded options like UV protection glass and museum-quality glass for added document protection against damage.

Customization Options

Customizing university frames is a great way to show your degree or diploma while also creating a unique look. For thousands of institutions and universities, we provide custom-designed diploma frames. Our diploma frame types are available in a number of frame mouldings, mat colors, and glass selections to suit your unique preferences and needs. We also offer diploma frames with tassel boxes, double degree frames (side by side or stacked), diploma frames with portraits, diploma frames with channel cuts, triple degree, logo mat frames, and more. Simply choose your preferred style and begin creating your college diploma frame online!

Shipping and Return Policies

When it comes to purchasing frames for your degree or diploma, there is the need for the buyer to be completely satisfied. Moreover, the buyer must also understand the frame's features, such as the size, material, and design, before making their purchase. Buyer are totally concerned about the time of delivery of frame. Therefore, we deliver them between 3-4 weeks as it is handcrafted and made with minute details giving the frames an authentic touch.

University Frames has a customer-friendly return policy. If an order is canceled within 24 hours of purchase, customers can receive a full refund. If a frame arrives damaged or not as ordered, a return label will be issued, and a replacement frame will be shipped once the original is returned. Returns and exchanges must be made within 60 days of receiving the frame.

Framing Quality

The quality of the diploma frame is also essential. You want to make sure that the frame is well-made and that it is made of high-quality materials. It will ensure that your diploma will be protected and that it will last many years.

Our customers love our diploma frames, with many of them commenting on the high quality and beautiful look of their frames. Stephen W. said, “My wife loved her frame great quality.” Jenni H. said, “Beautiful Frames - so worth the $$ to display the degrees we worked so hard for! Thank you!” And Patty S. said “The double diploma frame is gorgeous! We received it earlier than expected, and the whole process was super easy!! She loved it as the quality is incredible.

Taylor ordered two frames from University Frames for her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees! As she found them of high quality, well-wrapped for great delivery, and the frame was fantastic!

Customer Service

We are the leading provider of quality custom framing services for your diplomas in US. Our team of experienced frame designers are dedicated to providing the best handcrafted experience possible for our customers. Our team ensures that your frame look stunning and last for years to come. All customer queries and questions are addressed by us quickly making them our loyal customers forever.

University Frames goes above and beyond to preserve your degree! All of our diploma frames are packaged with great care and attention to detail assuring the best customer service possible.

  • Constructed with top-notch materials
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Customizable frames

Are you ready to build your own university frame and take it to the next level? Crafting each component makes the best diploma frame, and we are one of the leading manufacturers that meets all your needs. You can create the perfect diploma frames for your wall displaying your degree. Take control and build your own university frame today with us!


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