Diploma Frame: A Perfect Holiday Gift for Graduates
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Diploma Frame: A Perfect Holiday Gift for Graduates

12/15/2019 By University Frames

Diploma Frame: A Perfect Holiday Gift for Graduates

We understand that earning a degree or diploma is a great achievement. It’s why we offer customized diploma frames that you can gift to your children, friends, or family members and make them feel special this holiday season. After all, they deserve a gift that showcases their hard work, perseverance, and dedication. 

Select a Frame Style That Showcases Their Academic Achievement

Let your loved ones frame their achievement with our full range of personalized diploma frames. We offer various types of diploma frames to suit different styles and preferences. You can choose the one that fits your style and preferences or customize your diploma frame online.

Explore our wide range of diploma frames and select the one that matches your taste and budget:

Classic Diploma


Our classic diploma frame is a good option for those who prefer to showcase their degree or diploma in a traditional way. These frames are simple, elegant, and long-lasting.


Diploma Frame with Tassel Box


Our personalized diploma frame with tassel holder is perfect for displaying your diploma and tassel side-by-side. We are licensed with over 1000 colleges and universities, and you can customize your diploma frame with the authentic, original seal of these schools. 


Diploma Frame with Channel Cut


Our channel cut diploma frame is the best option for those graduates who want to display and preserve their degree in a distinct way. We also provide you the option to customize these diploma frames.


Double Degree Frame (Side-by-Side)


You can display more than one diploma or certificate side by side in our double degree frames. These frames are suitable for documents of the same size. We design diploma frames with the utmost attention. However, you can also customize them according to your taste and preferences.


Double Degree Frame (Stacked)


Our double degree frame is perfect for those who want to display their dual degree or diploma stacked in one frame. 


Double Degree Frame with Tassel Box (Stacked) 


Our double degree with tassel box frame allows you to showcase your two degrees or diplomas stacked along with a tassel.


Double Opening Frame with Campus Image (Side-by-Side) 


Have you seen a diploma frame with a campus image? We provide you with the option to choose your diploma frame with a campus image and your degree or diploma aligned side by side. It’s a great way to show off your school pride and your great achievement!


Double Opening Frame with Campus Image (Stacked)


You can showcase your university or campus image with a diploma arranged in a stacked manner. 


Double Opening Frame with Campus Image & Tassel Box (Stacked)


Reflect your success with your campus image, diploma, and a tassel in one frame. 


Triple Degree Frame


With a triple degree diploma frame, you can display three degrees or diplomas in a single frame. It is a good option for documents of the same size.


Triple Opening Frame with Campus Image


If you want to display your dual degrees or diplomas uniquely, our triple opening diploma frame is a great option. You can place your two degrees or diplomas with a campus image. 


Diploma Frame with Announcement


Many people prefer displaying their diploma frame with degree announcement. Our diploma frame with the announcement easily grabs the attention. 


Diploma Frame with Announcement & Tassel Box


Show your hard work and academic achievement with your college announcement and a tassel. We can build a frame to fit your diploma, announcement, and a tassel. Customize it to match your school colors. 


Diploma Frame with 5 x 7 Portrait 


Our diploma frame with 5 x 7 portrait helps you display a diploma or degree along with your photo. Your university degree or diploma and your graduation picture give a perfect look to your diploma frame.


Diploma Frame with 5 x 7 Portrait & Tassel Box 


You can keep a diploma or degree, your photo, and a tassel in our diploma with 5 x 7 portrait & tassel box. You also get the option to customize these frames. 


5x7 Portrait Frame

5x7 Portrait Frame

Our 5x7 portrait frame helps you preserve and showcase your photo in your graduation gown, cap, and tassel. 


5x7 Portrait Frame with Tassel Box

5x7 Portrait Frame with Tassel Box

Our 5x7 portrait with tassel box displays your tassel right beside your graduation day photo or any other photo of your choice.


Logo Mat Frame

Logo Mat Frame

Show off your sports spirit with our logo mat diploma frames. You can customize them to match your school logo and seal.


Lucent Clear-over-Clear

Lucent Clear-over-Clear

Our lucent clear-over-clear diploma frames are perfect to reflect your hard-earned degree or diploma. We use quality acrylic with high clarity to help you display your academic success with pride


Lucent Clear-over-Smoke

Lucent Clear-over-Smoke

You can also select a lucent clear-over-smoke diploma frame to display your achievement. 


Silver Academic Year Portrait with Tassel Box Class of 2019 or Class of 2020

Silver Academic Year Portrait with Tassel Box Class of 2019 or Class of 2020

Our silver academic year portrait with tassel box class of 2019 is a great gift for someone who graduated in 2019. We can place your 5 x 7 portrait and tassel in stunning nova black frame and navy and silver matting. You get 50% off during this frame for the holiday season! This frame is also available for those graduating in 2020. 

11 x 14 Document Frame Class of 2020

11 x 14 Document Frame Class of 2020

If someone you know is going to graduate in 2020, our 11 x 14 document frame class of 2020 is a suitable gift this holiday season. We customize this diploma frame with graduating class and year imprinted in silver! You get 50% off on these frames as well. 

Gift Cards Are Also Available!

Let your loved ones select a frame of their choice by giving them gift cards. Select an amount that you want to contribute to their frame – it will be a gift they will never forget!

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