12 Diploma Frame Displaying Ideas to Show Off Your Achievement
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12 Diploma Frame Displaying Ideas to Show Off Your Achievement

9/13/2019 By University Frames

12 Diploma Frame Displaying Ideas to Show Off Your Achievement

Your diploma is your crowning achievement. It is the culmination of everything you have worked so hard for. It is a symbol that represents your perseverance and dedication. You should hang your diploma in a manner that will show others how proud you are of what it represents.

Here are some diploma frame displaying ideas to show off your achievement:

1.  On a Shelf

Put it in a light frame and place it on a shelf where it can lean against the wall. Place a trophy or two next to it to highlight other achievements. Diploma frames come in many shapes and sizes that are lightweight and can be easily placed on a shelf.

2. Above Your Desk

Hang it above your desk with one or two small lights adding ambiance for effect. You can surround it with pictures of your graduation or other symbolic moments. Many diploma frames are custom made to easily match your decor.

diploma frame above your desk

3. As a Grouping in Your Office

For displaying diplomas and certificates in the office, create a grouping that includes your diploma, letter of acceptance, certifications, and other notable awards you received during your time in college. Include letters of recommendation from professors or other mentors who helped you get where you are today.

4. With Other Awards

Create a wall for all the awards you have received over the years. Include ribbons, plaques, trophies, and any other notable achievement that helped you to get where you are today.

5. Under Glass

Place your diploma under your glass desk protector. It will be a constant reminder of everything you have worked so hard for. Place a piece of clear plastic between the document and the glass to ensure your diploma isn't damaged or scratched.

Diploma frame on a shelf

6. Above Your Fireplace

If you want to keep your diploma at home, hang it above your fireplace where your entire family can see it. It is something you can be proud of and sharing it with your loved ones will let them share in your success.

7. Shadowbox

Build a shadowbox to frame your diploma and house some of your favorite memorabilia such as a senior picture, your tassel, tickets to a football game, or any other memento that holds a fond memory.

Diploma Frame above the fireplace

8. Alumni Wall

Surround your diploma with items that are associated with your school. This can be your letterman's jacket, a picture or painting of the school, your cap, or any other item that has your school's logo or mascot emblazoned on the front.

9. Alongside Your Parents' Diplomas

If you are lucky enough to have your parents' diploma, create a grouping of all the diplomas surrounded by photographs of each person on their graduation day. You can also add pictures of each person's school.

10. From Start to Finish

Create a chronological timeline of the time you spent in school using your picture from each year. Include any diplomas or achievements you earned as well.

Women hanging diploma frame on wall

11. Personal Wall of Honor

Your personal wall of honor can include not only school achievements but also family photos. Include pictures of each child's birth or wedding photos. Anything that holds a special memory in your life!

12. Collage Grouping

Create a collage grouping of all things that helped you achieve your goals. Include pictures of family and friends, your pets, and your favorite places to go. Choose pictures of items that you hold fond memories of.

Diploma Frame wall

There are several ways you can display your diploma and certificates on the wall that will set you apart from the rest. Be unique. Choose to celebrate your achievement in a unique manner and be creative when choosing a place of honor for your diploma. There are many styles of diploma frames to choose from!

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