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Unimprinted Mat

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    • Diploma

    • Diploma with Channel Cut

    • Double Degree (Stacked)

    • Diploma with Tassel Box

    • Double Degree (Side-by-Side)

    • 5x7 Portrait

    • 5x7 Portrait with Tassel Box

    • Diploma with 5 x 7 Portrait

    • Diploma with 5 x 7 Portrait & Tassel Box

    • Diploma with Announcement

    • Diploma with Announcement & Tassel Box

    • Double Degree with Tassel Box (Stacked)

    • Triple Degree

    • Lucent Clear

    • Lucent Smoke

Unimprinted Mat Diploma Frames

Unimprinted Mat diploma frames and degree frames are the perfect graduation gifts for recent grads, or anyone who wants to preserve and display their hard-earned accomplishments. Our unimprinted diploma frames are handcrafted to meet high-quality standards, and you can customize them according to your style and preference. We guarantee that you will love our graduation frames. Start customizing your frame now. Unimprinted frames come with a 40% discount!